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Bill's Q & A Page

Question: What is a Powerhead?

Answer: A "powerhead" is a device mounted on the shaft of an underwater "spear gun." This device is most popularly used as personal protection against shark attacks. It can also be used when dealing with alligators.

Question: What is a Bangstick? (Bang Stick)

Answer: A "bang stick" is a powerhead mounted on a metal shaft or wooden pole. Most scuba divers carry a bang stick with a 26 inch rod and a ball assembly for shark protection. A long wooden pole is used for protection against alligators or when harvesting "gators."

Question: What calibers are available?

Answer: The calibers available from our shop are: .38 Special, .357 Mag., .44 Mag., 410 Ga., 223 Cal. & 12 Ga.

Question: What type of cartridge should I use?

Answer: You can use "standard off-the-shelf" ammo. Do not use aluminum casings; aluminum tends to swell. All ammo must be treated, seal the primer and case to projectile (the crease where the projectile is fitted into the casing) with a small film of clear or colored fingernail polish. When dry, remove the ecess from the case to projectile area.

Question: What type of materal is used in construction?

Answer: All of our powerheads / bangsticks are CNC Machined, fabricated from 303 stainless steel. Made in the U.S.A.

Question: What mounting thread is used to mount the device?

Answer: Our standard thread is 6mm. Other thread sizes are also available on request at no additional cost, 3/8-16, 5/16-18, 5/16-24.

Question: Who would use a powerhead / bangstick?

Answer: This device was designed for protection only. Unless you are a scuba diver, deep diver, "gator" or Hog hunter or boat captain, you have no use for this device.

Question: I'm a kayaker. How do I mount a pole on my kayak or canoe?

Answer: One of our customers sent us photos of his set-up, which you could replicate with a pole adapter kit (product AS015), a 1-1/4" diameter wooden dowel from a hardware store, and stainless steel spring clamps.

Question: How does a powerhead / bangstick fire?

Answer: The powerhead of a bangstick is designed with a fixed firing pin instead of a "springloaded" mechanism because of safety concerns. It is also equipped with a "hairpin" safety clip that prevents the mechanism from firing. The bangstick must be manually thrusted in a linear (in line with the ball & rod) motion in order for the unit to be discharged. Dropping the bangstick or hitting it against an object in a sideways motion will not normally fire the mechanism.

Question: How do I stay compliant with the ATF?

Answer: By purchasing a complete assembled unit or mount a head on a 26" or larger rod, pole or spear gun using the following method, pining, welding, and/or thread locking - "Loctite". All methods are to be permanent.

NOTE: Never carry a bangstick or powerhead on a beach or in the surf.


All equipment manufactured by Caddo Machined Parts LLC. are in full compliance with ATF specifications.

It's the responsibility of the purchaser to maintain the integrity of the equipment so as to remain in compliance with ATF regulations.

Full instructions are shipped with every unit.