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44 Magnum Powerhead

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Part Number:AS005



.44 Magnum, Hairpin Safety, 6mm Mount Threads, 303 Stainless Steel. This is one of the preferred gator units. about the same volume as the .38/.357 Mag. Can be mounted on a speargun shaft or any of our Bangstick Rod & Ball Assys. Most hunters mount this unit on a wood dowel (pole) 1-1/4" x 6' long. Using our pole mount AS015 "Sold Separately". ***** Bangstick Rod & Ball Assembly Sold Separately ***** POWERHEAD WEIGHT: 4.6 oz.

Note: Can be mounted on a Spear Gun Shaft, Spear Pole, or Hawaiian Sling with 6mm threads.

Other threads are available upon request.

See bangstick shafts and poles listed below to complete your bangstick setup.

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