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We use a couple of your bang sticks on our charters and love them and now offer them for sale in our tackle shop. I attached the derby winning fish last season that my company caught, shot with one of your 44mag bangsticks.

Owner Valdez Outfitters & Tackle Shop
Valdez, Alaska

Fishing for billfish can be very dangerous, and the danger level is multiplied when fishing off of a plastic kayak while seated only inches above the water. We’ve found that the best way to stop a wild thrashing marlin while on our Hobie TI kayak is with one pop from our .357 Mag Bill’s Bangstick. Both Pacific Blue Marlins (edited into one for TV purposes) shown on the Discovery Channel’s show Pacific Warriors were dispatched using our Bill’s Bangstick.

Bill’s Bangsticks are best bang for your buck!

Gareth and Kevin Uyeda
The Uyeda Brothers
Wahiawa, Hawaii

I have used your 357 ultralite powerhead for years and it has worked exceptionally well. Attached is a picture of a Barracuda that I took with the powerhead.

Steve S. - Orlando, FL

Without the use of Bill's 44 cal bangstick, I wouldn't have been able to land this 188 yellowfin tuna solo after a long fight- the bangstick stopped 'em right in its tracks and made for easy gaffing and landing, which is a plus on my 13' Boston Whaler. Mahalo Bill for making a great product!!!

Randy - Kaimuki, Hawaii

As an avid Big Game saltwater fisherman, Bill's Bangsticks have provided me with the level of safety needed to effectively control the fish such as: Pacific Blue Marlin, Sharks and Tunas. These bang sticks perform extremely well in saltwater fishing and are designed with safety in mind. The craftsmanship and detail of these bangsticks make Bill's Bangsticks the "best bang for the buck"!

Troy I.
Owner Troy Lures

Since I am a machinist, I know excellent machine work when I see it...very well made.

I bought the bangstick just to stop too big of a fish from wrecking my boat. Long story short, since I bought it, it scared all the big ones away, but it has sat on my boat out in the sea air for at least three, maybe four years, and not one speck of rust on it anywhere. If you ask me, that's some good quality stuff right there. I got the 357 model and very pleased with it so far. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for making me and my wife feel a little safer out on the ocean :).

Pete J. - Lompoc, California

I purchased a 7.62x39 powerhead from you the other day. I took it spearfishing over the weekend and it functioned flawlessly on 50lb plus amberjack 100% of the time. I’m very pleased with it!

Jason W. - McDonough, Georgia.

Bill, I received my .44 cal bangstick and it works great. Thank you for fabricating a superior product. Thanks again,

Eric G.

Monster African Pompano harvested using a 7.62x39 Powerhead.

Joel F. - Barnesville, Georgia