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Thanks for choosing Bill's Bangsticks for all your underwater protection needs. Our powerheads are designed for ultimate protection against sharks, gators,crocodiles and marine predators of all kinds while scuba diving, spear fishing, boating, fishing, or snorkeling. Our bang sticks are also effective for alligator hunting, wild hog hunting and landing large fish such as halibut. All of our bang sticks and power heads are CNC Machined from the finest 303 stainless steel. Each caliber has been designed with the prime consideration of safety, durability and reliability.

Bill's powerheads and bang sticks deliver the power necessary to protect you against sharks, alligators, and all other kinds of marine predators. We offer a full selection of bang sticks for sale from a .38 Special /.357 Mag. up to a 12 gauge shotgun shell.

Bill's 12 GA powerhead mounted on a 40" rod recently appeared on The History Channel's Swamp Mysteries with Troy Landry series (the "Devil Gator" episode airing June 28, 2018). See the action in the last 3 minutes in the show!
note: you need watch the video directly on YouTube as a $1.99 pay per view or click on this link to log into your TV provider account to watch for free:

Watch Bill's bangsticks in action by the Uyeda Brothers from The Discovery Channel's Pacific Warriors reality TV show. At 1:38 they use Bill's .357 to land the marlin:

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